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  • Virginia Jumbo Peanuts


    Virginia Jumbo Peanuts


    How to Sow Peanuts

    • Peanuts need a long, hot growing season to fully mature. They will not fully mature in areas that do not have at least 4-5 months of frost-free weather.
    • Sow seeds directly outdoors after the last frost.
    • Plant in full sun in loose, well-drained soil. Peanuts prefer slightly alkaline soil.
    • Prepare the bed by turning the soil under to a depth of 8 inches. Level with a rake to remove clumps of grass and stones.
    • Shell the seeds before sowing. Be careful to not damage the skin on the seeds.
    • Create a furrow 2 inches deep and sow seeds 4-6 inches apart, being careful not to damage the tender seeds.
    • Space rows 3 feet apart.
    • Seeds germinate in 10-15 days.
    • When plants are 2 inches tall, thin stand to 8-12 inches apart. Vines spread to 3 ½ feet.


    • Dig up the entire plant and hang, with peanuts attached, in a dry airy location, or on poles outside to cure.
    • Allow curing for 2-4 weeks.
    • When well-dried, shake off the soil from the pods and shell before eating.
    • Roast peanuts before eating as fresh nuts are not as flavorful.

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