Black Beauty Eggplant


If you are looking for the standard eggplant to make eggplant parmigiana or ratatouille this may be your plant.  It produces standard shaped eggplants.  Keep in mind that Eggplants need hot weather to really put on fruit.  This plant will not put out a lot of fruit but it will put out big fruit that you can get a lot of food out.  Eggplants need a slightly acidic soil. Try treating the area you are planting with some coffee grounds to give it a little acid boost.

Plant these 12 go 18 inches apart for best experience.Many eggplants tent to get their leaves eaten by little beetles.  If this happens treat the plant with a soapy water spray.



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These are SEEDS not Plants 🙂

Black Beauty Eggplant

This is a standard classic eggplant.  Like many eggplants it does not turn on the production until it is hot.  It is a 90 days. Standard old type, large black fruit of excellent quality. Very tasty but is much later than many types and needs a long season.


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