Perfect Jumbo Survival Garden Bundle

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Get the best selection of seeds to grow your food and be seed-independent into the future.  Many collections of seeds are made up of hybrids seeds that will grow food, but you can not save seeds from that food.  If you want to have a collection of seeds, you can grow food and save seeds for future use you need to be growing heirloom seeds. This collection is of my favorite varieties of plants to grow and eat.  Give this giant bundle to the gardeners you know for a fantastic gift option.


  • National Pickling cucumbers are great for pickling or eating in salads
  • Marketmore is a nice slicing cucumber that grows well up a trellis.


  • Buttercrunch Lettuce is a lovely leafy lettuce that grows great in spring and fall.
  • Bloomsdale Spinach is a hardy dark green spinach that grows well in spring and fall.
  • Red Swiss Chard is a  strong chard that grows well all season long, giving you great big leaves from spring past the first frost.  Will produce seeds in the second year.
  • Improved Siberian Kale is a robust kale that will produce all season past the last frost. Will produce seeds in the second year.


  • Cilantro - Traditional cilantro is essential for making a salsa taste right.  Grow your cilantro and save the seeds for use as coriander.
  • Genovese Basil - Traditional Italian Basil makes lovely tasty leaves and beautiful flowers that pull in pollinators.
  • Thai Basil - A wonderful aromatic basil used in easter cooking.  You can use the stocks as well as the leaves.
  • Forever Dill - Grow your own giant dill with our forever dill that will re-seed itself every year.


  • Anaheim, 2500 Scoville, Fantastic meaty pepper great for cooking with or eating fresh, brings some heat and a lot of flavors.
  • California Wonder, 0 Scoville, the classic green bell pepper
  • Guajillo, 5,000 Scoville, Classic Latin pepper used in many traditional dishes. Usually found dry in stores, however, growing it fresh is the best.
  • Jalapeno, 8000 Scoville, Classic thick meat hot pepper.  The right amount of heat and flavor for your perfect salsa, jalapeno poppers, or pickled jalapeno slices.
  • Sheepsnose Pimento, 0 Scoville, Wonderful think meat, sweet pepper gives the right chunky pepper texture to salads, cooked dishes, or canning.
  • Shishito, 200 Scoville, Great think skinned pepper, great for frying.
  • Thai Red Chili, 100000 Scoville, Get your heat when you need it for cooking with this great pepper, used fresh or dried.


  • Abe Lincoln - A wonderful ridged large slicing tomato great for sandwiches and cooking. Lovely strong flavor but is not too acidic.
  • Black Japanese Trifle - A great plum tomato that puts out a huge yield with great flavor and color.  Great for making sauces and salsas with lots of flavors and thick tomato meat without a lot of seed or liquid.
  • Black Vernissage - A lovely sizeable colorful cherry tomato with good flavor and texture. Great is salads.
  • Costoluto - Nice Italian Tomato is often the first and last to produce fruit. A consistent producer of slicer tomatoes.
  • Egg Yolk - Classic sweet yellow tomato, the kind you want to eat right off the plant.  Kids love this one.
  • Ivan Tomato - Our classic rescue tomato is a fantastic acid tomato that gives your salsa that great zingy taste.  Great for canning or eating fresh. The Ivan will put out a huge yield and is resistant to many diseases and fungi.


  • Black Zucchini - Traditional zucchini is great for cooking and freezing.
  • Early White Scallop Squash - Perfect summer squash with pretty white scalloped squash that can be used the same way as zucchini
  • Waltham Butternut Squash - Traditional winter squash grows well up a trellis and puts out lovely squash that keeps all winter.


  • Tenderheart Carrots are sweet, versatile carrots.
  • French Breakfast Radish is a lovely two-color radish that looks good on the plate and is delicious.
  • Chioggia Guardsman Beets are excellent sweet beet that grows easily and can last beyond the frost.

Original price was: $84.00.Current price is: $75.00.

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These are SEEDS not Plants 🙂

Perfect Jumbo Survival Garden Bundle

Why Our Seeds Are Different

Locally Adjusted Heirlooms

All our seeds are heirlooms that are proven to be successful and stable for long term seed independence. We believe that fertile seeds produce more healthy food. We save local family heirlooms from extinction bringing these hardy cultivars to the seed banks, the marketplace and people’s tables.

Local Small Business

We are a homegrown seed and plant company with a suburban farm. We use urban sustainable agriculture with organic materials and no pesticides.  We grow the plants and save the seeds, herbs, and fruit. We make our own packaging and sell it at the local farmers’ market.

Home Made Products

We make our own ointments and teas from scratch. We grow some of the ingredients ourselves and source what we can locally. We believe in the power of nature to help heal, soothe, and comfort.  Try our teas for a lovely relaxing treat or our ointments to help with inflammation, pain, and skin conditions. 

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