Perfect Culinary 12 Heirloom Pepper Bundle

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This magnificent 12-heirloom pepper bundle is perfect for the chefs you know.  Each of these peppers is known for its taste, spice, and notoriety to chefs around the world.  Each of these peppers has unique tastes and uses in the kitchen. The spice level goes from sweet to hot but stays in the range of helpful heat levels. The Collection touches on cooking originating from the Far East to Latin America.  The peppers lend themselves to being cooked fresh, canned, and dried.  Some of this collection of culinary peppers are tried and well-known, while others are rare gems pursued by chefs. None will disappoint.

  • Anaheim, 2500 Scoville, Fantastic meaty pepper great for cooking and eating fresh.
  • Chinese 5 Color, 25,000 Scoville, Great little colorful peppers perfect for tossing into a recipe or drying and using in canning.
  • Count Dracula, 25,000 Scoville, Beautiful purple plant with purple flowers and peppers. Great spicy flavor for cooking.
  • Fish Peppers, 5,000 Scoville, Historical mild heat pepper perfect for fish dishes and seafood.
  • Guajillo, 5,000 Scoville, Classic Latin pepper used in many traditional dishes. Usually found dry in stores, however, growing it fresh is the best.
  • Hatch, 1500 Scoville, Great pepper for roasting and cooking.  Classic New Mexico pepper sot after by chefs.
  • Italian Pepperoncini, 500 Scoville, Great peppers to eat fresh or pickled for long-term use in salads.
  • Pequin, 60,000 Scoville, Known as the bird pepper, is used in Latin cooking and sauces.
  • Poblano, 1,500 Scoville, Known as Ancho, when dried, this pepper is excellent in cooking, stuffed, or ground into a spice.
  • Sheepsnose Pimento, 0 Scoville, Wonderful think meat, sweet pepper used fresh in cooking and canning.
  • Shishito, 200 Scoville, Great fresh think-walled pepper used in salads, sauteed, and used in eastern recipes.
  • Thai Red Chili, 100,000 Scoville, Traditional peppers used in far eastern cooking. Great dried or fresh.


Original price was: $36.00.Current price is: $27.00.

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These are SEEDS not Plants 🙂

Perfect Culinary 12 Heirloom Pepper Bundle

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All our seeds are heirlooms that are proven to be successful and stable for long term seed independence. We believe that fertile seeds produce more healthy food. We save local family heirlooms from extinction bringing these hardy cultivars to the seed banks, the marketplace and people’s tables.

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We are a homegrown seed and plant company with a suburban farm. We use urban sustainable agriculture with organic materials and no pesticides.  We grow the plants and save the seeds, herbs, and fruit. We make our own packaging and sell it at the local farmers’ market.

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