Nepalese Bell Pepper Seeds


The Nepalese Bell Pepper is an incredible producer and is very rare to find in North America.  It comes from Nepal and is very hard to find.   I got the first plant 5 years ago at the Baker Creek Spring Planting Festival.  This plant distinguishes itself in its large yield and large plant.  It usually gets close to four feet tall and can produce 100 medium size peppers at once.  The peppers vary in heat from low to medium.  I find the bells are a little hotter at the tips and around the seeds.  They have a nutty flavor and are a beautiful bizarre shape.  They are great stuffed or stewed.

Great info about the plant can be found on the Nepalese Bell at MyFlora.com.  It was also listed as the fourth-best pepper to grow in the British Telegraph.  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gardening/howtogrow/11121058/10-of-the-best-peppers-to-grow.html

If you are sick of planting peppers and getting 6 to 8 fruit all summer try out the Nepalese Bell. Give it lots of room and stand back.  If you grow two plants you will get 100’s of pepper with two full crops off each plant.  These plants produce their first crop at about 75 days and the second later into the fall.

The Nepalese Bell seeds are really rare and only can be found from a hand full of sources.  We hope to bring this prolific plant back to the food chain and back to gardeners all over the country.  Try them and share them with friends.


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These are SEEDS not Plants 🙂

Nepalese Bell Pepper Seeds

Nepalese Bell is a very high-yield pepper that will produce 100’s of peppers that can range from mild to medium in heat. They are extremely rare in North America. This is one of our rescue plants.  It is a very large plant so give it a nice big space. The peppers are about 2 inches across and are mild with a little heat at the point.

Germination rate 95%

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