Everyday Cap


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Everyday Cap

100% Cotton

One size fits most

Adjustable strap back

Flat stitch embroidery

Why Our Seeds Are Different

Locally Adjusted Heirlooms

All our seeds are heirlooms that are proven to be successful and stable for long term seed independence. We believe that fertile seeds produce more healthy food. We save local family heirlooms from extinction bringing these hardy cultivars to the seed banks, the marketplace and people’s tables.

Local Small Business

We are a homegrown seed and plant company with a suburban farm. We use urban sustainable agriculture with organic materials and no pesticides.  We grow the plants and save the seeds, herbs, and fruit. We make our own packaging and sell it at the local farmers’ market.

Home Made Products

We make our own ointments and teas from scratch. We grow some of the ingredients ourselves and source what we can locally. We believe in the power of nature to help heal, soothe, and comfort.  Try our teas for a lovely relaxing treat or our ointments to help with inflammation, pain, and skin conditions. 

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