This is an odd and difficult post to write. I wanted to let you all know that we have appreciated your support over the years for our small family-run nursery and seed store.   A big part of our business is based on producing thousands of plants to help our local community grow food. We have had seven beautiful seasons; however, we will not be growing plants for sale this year. Trust me, and this has not been an easy decision to make.

Our reasons are many and various:

  • Much like many that have been managing their way through this pandemic, financially, we needed more stability. Thankfully, my husband has gotten a full-time remote job to keep us afloat and our family moving forward. While he enjoyed his role as Soil Boy he must give that up and focus 100% on his new job.
  • My oldest son, who helped a lot in the business from growing to running the markets, has gone off to college, and we could not be prouder of him as he makes his way and experiences a new life at Dartmouth College, far from home but always in our hearts.
  • The regulations in our suburban area made it very difficult last year as we were forced to take down our greenhouse early and will not be able to put it up in the same place this year. We, unfortunately, faced complaints and regulations that do not support suburban agriculture.
  • Lastly and frankly, most critically, I need to have some medical procedures that will preclude me from doing the heavy lifting and hard work that goes into growing 1000’s of plants. I will not be able to do any heavy work for several months right through the growing season. Hopefully, all will be well with all this. Please send me good vibes and prayers, if that is your way, for this challenge and the healing ahead.


I honestly love growing plants and love helping my community grow food. It brings me much joy, but it is a tremendous amount of work, and this year it is not in the cards. We may grow again, I am not ruling that out, but for now we are just selling seeds and other things on our website.

If you have your heart set on growing one of the rare varieties of plants that we usually stock, you are welcome to try your hand at seeds. Our website is stocked with the seeds we have available.   As we raise our seeds ourselves this may be the last year for some of these strains. So, get them while you can.   We still have Becky Butter therapeutic ointment and our Loose Leaf Tea collection on line as well. 

Thank you for all your support over the years. It has been an incredible journey; I have met many amazing people and will not forget the great influence you have had on my life.

Keep the faith and keep growing your food.




Laura Flacks-Narrol

Queen Bee

Victory Gardeners

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