Grit Magazine Supporters Rock

Grit Magazine was kind enough to run our story in this summer’s edition.  This resulted in a wonderful showing of support through seed sales, phone calls, letters and sharing.  I had no idea that this would happen and was so thrilled and surprised by the enthusiasm we met.   

One of my favorite parts of this process has been the phone calls.  Many folks do business on line and order their seeds that way.   However, there are still lots of folks that prefer the old fashion way of doing business.  For many folks that don’t use the internet or credit cards, a personal phone call transpired.  This was a real treat as I got to visit with so many wonderful gardeners.   

The phone calls started in mid-June.  I got my first call from a farmer named Jim who told me he read about our story in his Grit. He said he got his Grit in the mail and there our story was.   He went on to tell me about his challenges for growing tomatoes in Florida due to nematodes.  I sent him some Ivan seeds to see if they will manage to withstand this challenge. 

The calls kept coming and with each one I got to know a new fellow farmer or gardener.  I got to tell them my story and they got to tell me theirs.  Several suggested some new tomatoes that we had not tried.  Some folks sent me seeds, old fashion calling cards, thank you notes, and even preserved food.  

The calls came from all over the country allowing me to learn about what challenges were being faced in Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Virginia, New York State, and many other great parts of our nation.  From Phyllis in Iowa I got a handmade card.  From Ruth in Arkansas I got recipes and coxcomb seeds.  From the Martins I got freeze dried food and information about their farming experience.  Everyone has been gracious and has truly wanted to support our mission.   

If you want to read the Grit Article. Find it here.  
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