Oh Boy, we are growing some great plants.  We are going to offer some amazing heirlooms that you will not be able to find elsewhere.  We worked hard to create a line up that covered all the bases from the best high yield local heirlooms to hard to find ethnic varieties. We will also have the old favorites that are cherished by so many. For the heat lovers out there we are adding the some of the hottest peppers in the world.  Be careful with these folks.  Take a look at our line up and let us know what you think.

You will be able to get our plants from several locations, This is our third year as members of the Columbia Farmers Market, the Earth Day celebration and Bakers Creek Planting Festivals.  We will be adding the St. Louis Earth Day festival and are really excited to meet folks from St. Louis and help them grow the best plants to help them get food to the table.  Of course if you are local to Columbia or Ashland, Missouri you can come by the greenhouse.  We will also offer free local delivery of orders over $20.

To make it even easier we will have some advanced orders so you can reserve the plants you want and make sure you get them when you want them.  Pre-sales will open up a few weeks before the plants are ready.  You are welcome to email us with your wish lists.  just email to victorygardeners@outlook.com   We can only provide live plants in the Columbia Missouri  area.  We do not ship plants through the mail.  Sorry but they are too fragile and we want to get these babies into the group where they can grow food.

So I will not make you wait any longer…. Here is the line up!!!!!  This does not include the herbs.  Those will follow in a couple of weeks.  We look forward to seeing you this spring.


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