Hi everyone, here is our 2017 Plant Line-Up. We are entering the 2017 season and it is starting with great enthusiasm and new ideas.  We have decided on most of our 2017 line-up of plants to bring to market.  We learned a lot from our first season and now know much more about what people will want and how to do this more efficiently.  We may add few and take away a few based on how they grow and germinate.

We will be offering our 2017 plants line-up at the Columbia Farmers Market,  Columbia Earth Day, Baker Creek Planting Festival and NEW FOR 2017… We will be doing orders on line through our website so you can order your plants in advance and make sure you get exactly what you want in your garden. Stay tuned for this option. As we get number on our germination we will begin to offer plants through the on line store.

We hope to see you at market and we hope our 2017 Plant Line-up meets your needs. We hand picked the cultivars based on what we feel grows the best while providing a wide variety to meet your gardening needs. We bring a few new names to the game trying out some newly identified local heirlooms along with some exciting plants that people were looking for last year.  Please let us know if you feel we have missed something that you love.

We are adding milkweeds to our 2017 Plant Line-Up. Milkweed is not only great to feed Monarchs on their way south, it is the only plant Monarchs will eat and lay their eggs on.  Milkweed is a favorite for many other pollinators that will make your garden even more effective.  So enjoy this and we hope it gets you thinking about what you want to grow this spring.

All our plants are heirloom unless indicated with a * by the plant name.

2017 Plant Line-Up


Amish Paste
Arkansas Traveler
Kentucky Beefsteak
Mortgage Lifter
Brandywine Yellow
Brandywine Red
Mr Stripy
Cherokee Purple
Yellow Pear
Super sweet 100’s *
Ozark Pink
Chocolate Pear
Ten Fingers of naples
Cosmic Eclipse
Tinny Tim


Nepalese Bells
Giant Cheyane
Jimmy Nardelo
Sweet Banana
California Wonder
Anaheim Chili
Serrano Chili
King Arthur *
Purple Beauty
Chinese 5 Color
Thai Red Chilli


Rosa Bianca
Long Purple
Black Beauty


Cat Nip
German Chamomile
Thai Basil
Lemon Grass
English Thyme
Thyme Winter
Greek Oregino
Flat Leaf Parsley
Summer Savory
Broadleaf Sage
Garlic Chives
Regular Chives

Other Vegetables

Boston Pickling Cucumber
Marketmore Cucumber
National Pickling Cucumber
Beit Alpha Cucumber
Black Zucchini
White Scallop Squash
Yellow Scallop Squash
Rainbow Chard
Murdoc Cabbage
Improved Siberian Kale
Mammoth Red Cabbage
Koda Cabbage
Kaitlin Cabbage

Butterfly Support

Swamp Milk Weed
Tuberosa Milk Weed
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