IMG_7399_edited-1How wide will the Ivan be spread by this campaign?  Can we get it into the hands of gardeners throughout the USA and into several other countries too?   As  this campaign continues, this question floats through my mind.

As of today, officially in the 5th date of our chart at 5 days60 day campaign we have the following states and provinces represented.  We have 36 sales in two countries with 15 states or provinces represented.  As the campaign grows we hope to see more areas represented until we have a great overall result.

The analytical in me is really excited to see how the Ivan does in different zones, soil types, elevations, and environments.   Will it do as well in the north and in the south? How will it adjust to these new elements it will face? How will it do with a shorter growing season or longer ones?

The community builder in me says we need a way to encourage Ivan growers to communicate with each other and share experiences and best practices.   We need a platform were we can share pictures and learn how the Ivan does in its new digs (pun intended).

With these two sides of the coin in mind, I have come up with a solution. A new group on Facebook has been created… the Ivan Tomato Rescuers. We hope the Ivan Tomato Rescuers become a community to celebrate this wonderful tomato and other gardening concerns.  We hope it grows into a robust forum of sharing and celebrating all things local, heritage, sustainable, from the dirt and wonderful.

Each person who contributes to the campaign will receive information on the group.  However, people that are not contributors are encourage to join the group and become involved in this endeavor.   In the spring, as we sell starts, we will encourage people to join the group and share their experiences as well.  Please join the Ivan Tomato Rescuers and join the conversation.

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