We want youThe Ivan Tomato Rescue Project is a grass roots movement trying to save a local Missouri tomato from extinction and we need your help sharing our project. The success of this movement requires the involvement of people at every level.  It is a passion project for many people both those directly involved in its production for those that support the project.

Many people care about:

  • The diversity and survival of the food chain
  • The therapeutic power of gardening
  • Growing fantastic local, resilient, high yield tomato.

So, how does this come back why your shares make the difference?  We all have the circles of people we know.  We all know people who love gardening, tomatoes, food chain survival, etc.  We all know people who would enjoy an Ivan shirt or an Ivan apron or a package of seeds to grow.   We know people that help out at community gardens, or at school gardening clubs, or have their own gardens right in their back yards.  These people will be interested in the Ivan Tomato Rescue Project, and we have a much better chance of reaching them is if you share our content.

We are not asking you to share everything we put out there, only share what you personally enjoy and you feel affinity for.   We believe the value of the wisdom, images, skills, and passions we share will speak for themselves.

If you have a few friends that are hardcore gardeners invite them to our Facebook page www.facebook.com/theivantomatorescueproject or share our website address (www.victorygardeners.com).  Take it a step further and share our Indiegogo project link http://igg.me/at/ivantomatorescueproject.   In the world of social media this little step can make a big difference to the future of this tomato.  You will be helping make a difference.  We appreciate everything you do to help us save the Ivan.

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