Why you should supportWelcome to the Ivan Tomato  

You have already shown your support by getting this far.  Let me give you a few more reasons why the Ivan is worth taking it a step further and supporting us in our Indiegogo campaign to save the Ivan Tomato http://igg.me/at/ivantomatorescueproject

  1. It tastes fantastic
  2. It seems to be very resilient to the weird weather we increasing experience.  It likes rain, droughts, humidity, heat, and drastic changes.
  3. It does not seem to be very susceptible to traditional issues like wilt, bottom rot, or fungal infections.
  4. It has produces more tomatoes then any other tomato we have ever grown.
  5. It is an indeterminate tomato and will thus give you tomatoes all season long.
  6. It grows well in containers or in the ground.
  7. It is a large plant that can get up-to 8 feet high.
  8. If we do not do help save this tomato it will disappear from the food chain.
  9. Your support will help us save the Tomato, support the healing power of gardening and help us continue this work of saving our food chain.
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