IMG_6713The Ivan Tomato Rescue Project has begun it’s home stretch to the Launch. We have decided our go live date will be at the November 4th.  So for all those of you that are looking forward to helping us save the Ivan it is coming, trust me, it is on it’s way.  There is no stopping this train.

Now we are working on trying to get the word out and increase publicity to as many sources as possible about what we are doing. We are making our lists of who we know, who our friends know and who our friends friends now.  We are writing up press releases and figuring out how to get them into every media source we can find.

If you can help us with publicity please feel free to contact us at victorygardeners@outlook.com. We are looking for newspapers, magazines, radio, speaking opportunities, on line media etc etc…   We know the opportunities are out there and that our story is news worthy.   Saving a Heritage Heirloom Missouri Tomato is worth it, it is cool, and it is fun.

Help us make this happen and help connect us to those you know and those you think will be interested in agricultural therapy, food chain preservation and a really amazing tomato.   We are looking beyond our local area so feel free to think big.  We are happy to present to any local groups albeit community, educational or interested parties.

Together we will save the Ivan.

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