Yellow Pear Cherry Tomato Seed


The Yellow Pear Heirloom is a 78 day heirloom indeterminate tomato. It can grow vines of a minimum of 6 feet long. It will go smaller if you plant it in a container.  These yellow cherry pear shaped fruit usually grow clusters of 1 to 2 inch’s tomatoes. Fun for salads and to pop in your mouth.


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The Yellow Pear Heirloom is a 78 days mild and sweet little pear shaped tomato. It is great if you have kids that love to come out and eat as they pick. It is a very productive and easy to grow.  The plant is indeterminate so it will produce throughout the season.   Like most cherry tomatoes it will produce in clusters.  Great to add color to a tomato salad.

This is an Herloom Seed and you can save seeds from this plant.




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