Saving Family Heirlooms

The Ivan Tomato Rescue Project

Why Our Seeds?

Heirloom Seeds

All our seeds are heirlooms that are proven to be successful and stable for long term seed independence. We prefer to grow open polinated seeds. Anyone who buys our seeds and grows these plants can keep seeds for these cultavars and be seed independent.  We believe that everyone should have that opportunity. With hybrid seeds you can not save seeds and re-grow the same plants.  Thus with hybrids you are forever dependent on seed providers. We also believe that fertile seeds produce more healthy food.

Local Small Business

We are a small local business that brings together two families with a mission to save diversity in the food supply.  One family is the original family of the Ivan tomato. This family is from Ashland Missouri and that is where we grow our our plants and have a large garden plot.  The second family is in the City of Columbia and has a small backyard green house and a suburban farm.  This is where we start all our seeds and grow many of the plants out for seed collection and for eating, preserving and selling at our market booths.

Family Heirlooms

We focus on telling the story behind wonderful high yeild family heirlooms that are tried and true.  The seeds are tested and then grow for distribution. We sell the plants in the spring at the local Columbia Farmers Market and the seeds on line through our site.  The beauty of these plants is that they have been grown for generations in our micro climate and naturalized to the soil, weather and bugs of the area.  These are our Rescue Cultivars. Without the project they would disapear with the passage of time and the blowing of the wind.

Giving Back

We believe in the healing power of gardening and work with groups to facilitate this goal.  The original Ivan was grown by a wonderful man that suffered from PTSD after the Vietnam War. He was stricken by a stroke and the green house brought him back to himself and a useful happy life.  We believe in the healing power of gardening participate in several programs to bring this art to people in need.  We work with veterns as well as the elderly.  We also donate a porition of our proceeds each year to programs that support Ag Therapy.
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